The Company

Cavalcades and Expeditions "Bastion del Manso"

It was created in 1998, by experts of this Argentinean- Chilean cordilleran region.
Offices are seated in San Carlos de Bariloche and its operative center is located in Inferior Manso Valley, 102 kms far from the city. That ´s an ideal place for this activity due to its characteristics.

For the ones that choose this majestic lake –region to relax and recreate their minds, Cavalcades and Expeditions "Bastion del Manso" has the aim goal to offer the best services for any activity. In order to carry out this properly, we have bare group of collaborators guides, cowboys and well trained lenders.
So, we invite you to discover, travel over and visit this magical paradise lost in time...

Therms and Conditions

* Cancelations

For one- day activities: 1 day in advance needed.

Longer activities or excursions: cancellations with less than 30 days in advance, have a fine for operative expenses: 30-15 days (30% of total price per person), 15-7 days (50%), 7-0 days (100%).

No devolutions for missing days.

* Climatic conditions - troubles

No devolutions, unless probe of definite trouble is available.

All the activities are able to change without previous advance, depending on adverse climatic conditions or troubles. In that case, Cavalcades and Expeditions "Bastion del Manso" can provide or not an alternative activity.

* Photography 

Cavalcades and Expeditions "Bastion del Manso" has the rights to take photos, film or record any tour or part of a tour and also is able to use that material for promoting the excursions.

In case you do not agree, let us know in advance.

* Responsibility and Insurance Limits

Cavalcades and Expeditions "Bastion del Manso" is a service- lender legally qualified.

Moreover, every program includes physical activities in the open air and I contact with nature, what involves some intrinsic risks, over what Cavalcades and Expeditions "Bastion del Manso" has no control. So that, we are not responsible for any damage or death, neither lost that can happen due to any act or omission of any provider, nor any other reason over which we have no control.

Payment or confirmation means agreement with "Terms and Conditions"